Sunday Times Interview

When Klaartje Quirijns received a phone call saying she’d finally been awarded funding she’d been chasing for years for a documentary – working title, Your Mum and Dad – her reaction wasn’t delight, but dismay. “Normally, I’m really happy to get money to make a film,” she says. “But in this case I remember so […]

Your Mum and Dad

A universal tale for everyone who wonders how to deal with family, secrets, and life itself.  ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to but they do. They fill you with the faults they had and add some extra, just for you.’ Inspired by Philip Larkin’s poem ‘This be the […]


Sweder Speelman leads a successful life with his wife Cecile. But he realises he’s a spectator of his own life. Sweder decides to disappear to see how Cecile responds to his absence. As he observes his wife, he loses touch with reality. Speelman is a story of a marriage, which premiered to great acclaim at […]

Peace vs Justice

A critical look at The Criminal Court in the Hague, which examined the moral dilemmas that arise in the pursuit of Western ideals of justice

The Brooklyn Connection

In Brooklyn, a 40-year-old Kosovo immigrant is building a guerrilla army. The Brooklyn Connection is a study of gun-running in the US which explored the thin line between being a freedom fighter and a terrorist Reviews:  “In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore draws a correlation between more guns and less safety in U.S. society. .. […]

The Dictator Hunter

“If you kill one person, you go to jail. If you kill 40 people, they put you in an insane asylum. But if you kill 40, 000 people, you get a comfortable exile with a bank account in another country, and that’s what we want to change here,” – Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch Follow […]

Anton Corbijn: Inside Out

Reviews: “The hint of human anxiety behind the glamour is intriguing.”– The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw “Moving-picture portrait of the iconic and workaholic photographer is insightful …. fascinating.”– Variety “An intriguing portrait of a photographer and filmmaker who is deeply immersed in the culture and iconography of stardom.”– Screendaily

Anton Corbijn: Inside Out

Anton Corbijn’s prolific work has shaped the image of artists such as Joy Division, U2, Nirvana, Metalica, Depeche Mode or R.E.M. But what drives the photographer, filmmaker and video artist who has been hidden from the public for so long? INSIDE OUT explores Corbijn’s persona, uncovering his motivation and inherent conflict as an artist, between […]