Sunday Times Interview

Klaartje Quirijns - Sunday Times Interview

When Klaartje Quirijns received a phone call saying she’d finally been awarded funding she’d been chasing for years for a documentary – working title, Your Mum and Dad – her reaction wasn’t delight, but dismay. “Normally, I’m really happy to get money to make a film,” she says. “But in this case I remember so well feeling, ‘Oh, no!’ ”

Her dread was because Quirijns, 54, was planning to make a film that dredged up her parents’ long-buried secrets. “All my films arise from the same question: ‘What are the deceptive worlds we don’t get to see?’ This was a painful, silent wound that had lingered a long time under the surface. I was worried about my mother and how she’d react to me opening (…)

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