Film Director & Producer

Upcoming Projects

A fiction film based on her documentary (2007 The Dictator Hunter). Written by Gareth Humphreys, directed by Ekwa Msangi and produced by Anne Carey, known for Oscar nominated films: Can You Ever Forgive Me and 20th Century Women).
TV Series
A French German TV series about a wealthy German family with their tentacles all over the world, it is an epic entrepreneurial drama. The series is created by Quirijns and Boris Razon. It will be written by Luke Jennings (Villanelle/ Killing Eve) and produced by Serge Lalou Film d’ici, Jonas Dornbach Komplizenfilm.
A full-length fiction film based on a book by Gerbrand Bakker, winner of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2013 (written by Bastiaan Kroeger/ Gareth Humphreys produced by Jeroen Beker/Submarine/Savage film)
The brutal murder of film-maker Theo Van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri back in 2004 highlighted in the most shocking way the problem of polarisation in the Netherlands.